Sierra Legacy is a four-book series about the Hoffman family: siblings from way over on the wrong side of the tracks in the Eastern Sierra town of Benson, California.

When the series begins, Nora and Wade Hoffman have just returned to the family property, Marker Ranch, which was abandoned when they moved away after high school, and their father and older brothers fled to Mexico to escape criminal charges. Wade has just finished two tours of duty in Afghanistan.  He wants to restore the family ranch and convinces his sister Nora to help him get it started.

But life is never simple— especially life in Claire McEwen novels!  Nora vowed never to return to Benson, and now that she’s back, she has to face a man she loved and was never able to forget.  Wade is having difficulties adjusting to life after combat.  And both of them have to make their peace with the uneasy welcome the town of Benson offers.

​Sierra Legacy is full of twists and turns and troubles and triumphs.  But most of all there is love.  Deep, soulful love.  The kind that changes everything.


​​  ​​Claire McEwen   

San Francisco to the Sierra Series

​​When an ambitious San Franciscan inherits her grandmother's ranch on the rugged eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, her life, and the lives of her two best friends, change forever.

Sierra Legacy Series

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Finding hope, home and happily ever after.

Claire McEwen