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"Humor, romance, and wonderful characters made this a totally enjoyable read." ~ Sherry 

"Gage wasn’t happy with his cousin volunteering him for the auction but when he sees Carrie’s home and all the things that need doing, he persuades her to let him do the jobs whilst teaching her how to do them herself. Close proximity to each other leads to feelings that may well prove permanent. Great little story." ~ Lesley

"My first book by this author. It was so heartwarming. I so fell in love with Gage Flanagan, Carrie

and her two kids." ~ Mona​​

"They are the perfect even if unwilling match which leads to loads of laughter, frustration and learning

about the good things you can have in life, oh and of course let's not forget the knotty elves and their chauffeur Scarlett!" ~ Fleur​​

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8 brand-new Christmas Town novellas from some of your favorite Harlequin Heartwarming authors. Valentine’s Day—and Christmas Town—will never be the same!

Christmas Town to the rescue!
An abnormally cold and snowy winter wreaked havoc in Christmas Town. Pipes froze, snowy roofs caved in, and even the famed gazebo in the town square was blown over! But the hardest hit was the historic town library, where pipes burst – flooding the main floor and destroying all the books and computers. While insurance helps, it won’t cover everything. Christmas Town’s solution?

Calling all bachelors!
The Knotty Elves decide a Valentine’s Day Bachelor Auction kills two birds with one stone – raising money to save the library while working their matchmaking magic. From a personal chef to the town’s snow plow operator, there’s one thing all these handsome, homespun heroes have in common: they’re about to find love, Christmas Town style.

Be My Heartwarming Valentine

About Claire's Novella, Love Fixes Everything

When Carrie Porter’s friends bid on handyman Gage Flanagan in the Christmas Town bachelor auction, and then gift his services to her, the single mom is embarrassed to accept their charity. But Carrie sets her pride aside to learn all she can about home repair from the surly bachelor. Only Gage isn’t quite grumpy as he seems. As they work together to repair her historic home, Carrie and Gage realize that the love they feel might just repair their hearts as well.

Be My Heartwarming Valentine  (ebook only)

Including Claire's novella, Love Fixes Everything

Welcome to Christmas Town!

Christmas Town is a series of connected wholesome holiday romances written by Harlequin Heartwarming authors. The adorable town of Christmas Town, Maine was founded in 2014 with a Harlequin anthology called Christmas Actually, written by authors Anna Adams, Anna J. Stewart, and Melinda Curtis. In the years since, the Heartwarming authors have self published a new stories set in Christmas Town each year. Claire was excited to join these authors in December 2018 for a collection of holiday novels, and again in February, 2020, for this anthology of Valentine's themed novellas.   

Claire McEwen

​​Finding hope, home and happily ever after.

​​  ​​Claire McEwen