She can save his ranch…But can he forgive her?

Maya Burton knows she’s the last person rancher Caleb Dunne wants to see. After all, she survived the crash that killed his sister, and then left town. Now she has to convince the stubborn cowboy that she can help him save his ranch. But once she earns his trust—and his heart—will she be able to walk away?​

Reunited with the Cowboy

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Book 1, Heroes of Shelter Creek

​​"Five Stars. Reunited with the Cowboy by Claire McEwen is an excellent book, and I loved the characters, the quirky sides, the setting, and all the information packed into it about the mountain lions." ~ Baroness Book Trove

​"This is a story of love and forgiveness that left me choked up at times..." ~ Andi's Book Reviews

"Reunited With the Cowboy is both entertaining and emotional with vivid and likable characters (both the 2-legged and 4-legged varieties)."  ~ Reading is my Superpower

"This is the kind of series where you feel connected to their journeys and truly rally behind their efforts to find the strength and courage to do what they need to do…” ~ Jorie Loves a Story

"Sometimes you start reading a series romance – expecting it to be good in the ordinary way – only to discover that you hold a gem in your hands."  ~ The Power of Words

"McEwen combines a swoon-worthy romance with some humor delivered by The Book Biddies (Maya’s grandmother and her friends will make you laugh), struggles of ranching and small-town life, and healing from the pain of the past." ~ Remembancy Blog

​​​Finding hope, home and happily ever after.

Claire McEwen

​​  ​​Claire McEwen   

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