Claire McEwen

​​  ​​Claire McEwen   

More Than a Rancher

Reviewers Say:

"McEwen’s excellent use of description – particularly in Jenna’s dancing and Sandro’s family’s ranch - add nice color to the story.  The obstacles the characters overcome to pursue their passions are quite inspiring."  ~ RT BookReviews

"Sandro and Jenna have this undeniable chemistry that McEwen captures in such grace, it will leave you breathless... A Great Read ~ And  a MUST to add on to your To-Be-Read Shelf."  ~ Underneath the Covers

“A easy to follow, well written storyline that you won’t put down once you start.”  ~ Undercover Book Reviews

Goodreads Readers Say:

"This was a wonderful romance and written in a very elegant style."

​"The story was so well written and flowed so well that it was hard to put the book down."

"McEwen has a knack for creating memorable and three-dimensional characters, complete with complicated histories and internal struggles."

​​Does he dare to follow her lead?

Ballroom dancer Jenna Stevens is done with all things romance. It's so much more satisfying to focus on her career. That is, until she meets Sandro Salazar—a handsome, brooding small-town chef and sometimes rancher. Jenna is drawn to him immediately, but there's no way Sandro could fit into her fast-paced, urban life.

Still, as she gets to know this reformed bad boy, she begins to wonder if maybe their two worlds can merge. One thing's for certain—Jenna will have to take the lead if she has any hope of Sandro seeing what's possible for the two of them…together.

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