​​​Finding hope, home and happily ever after.

Claire McEwen

​​  ​​Claire McEwen   

Heroes of Shelter Creek Series

​Sweet romance, published by Harlequin Heartwarming

Imagine dry, golden, rolling hills, cattle sleeping under oak trees, ranches with weathered barns and fences, and clapboard buildings surrounded by fog creeping in from the Pacific Ocean. This is Shelter Creek, California. As wildlife grows more abundant in the area, local residents and ranchers have to learn to coexist, as well as face natural stressors such as drought and wildfire. But the people of Shelter Creek are resilient and know how to learn, grow and celebrate the good times. 

All of Claire's books, even if published in a series, are written to stand alone.

You don't have to read them in a particular order. Enjoy!