Finding hope, home and happily ever after.

Claire McEwen

​​  ​​Claire McEwen   

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Safe with the Rancher

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Thanks for stopping by my home on the web!

Feel free to stay a while and make yourself comfortable. I write books with wide skies and romantic western settings, small towns and the occasional big city. Most of all, I tell heartfelt stories of love, growth, laughter and redemption.  

These days I'm working on a Christmas story called Sleigh Bells in the Snow, that will be released in October. I'm also writing two new series, both set in small towns in Northern California. One series has a lot of wildlife, the other has a lot of rodeo, and both have characters searching for their hope, home and happily ever after. I'm looking forward to sharing these stories with you as soon as possible!

Warmest wishes, 

Claire McEwen