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This summer, I was busy.  Two -romance-novel-deadlines busy.  Trying-to-write-a-proposal-for-a -bunch-more-books busy.  Home-with-a-young-child busy.  My garden suffered.   Weeds thrived in the California drought heat while my cultivated plants withered.  And I stressed.  I felt guilty about my garden.  Sad that it looked run down and neglected when usually it's a place people stop on the sidewalk to appreciate.

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About that night…

 Benson, CA, represents all that Tess Cole doesn't want. So she intends to keep her business trip there brief. Too bad her idea to quickly change the mayor's mind about some planning issues dissolves the moment she recognizes him! That one night with Slaid Jacobs remains a personal favorite for Tess—and for him, too, it seems.  Even though he's gorgeous and hot, it's clear to Tess that the single dad wants a commitment—something she avoids. It's also clear Slaid is bent on convincing her they can build afuture out of their passionate past. And that's a very tempting offer… 

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